Time To Love Your Neighbor Again

In other words, International Day of Peace is coming your way this Friday, September 21, 2012 and doing something special for your community is a great way to honor this very special day. It’s a great time for all of us to extend new traditions of kindness with each passing year so that the circle of hope continues to spread to all communities and nations. We are honoring this day by sharing a few peace filled perspectives on the subject. And, who else can shed light on the subject of peace like the innocent, untainted opinion of a young child?

So, I asked my 3 oldest children the following question:

If a person doesn’t have peace in his heart, would he be able to help bring peace to the world?

My 8-year-old son’s answer:

Yes, because someone could convince him that peace is good, and he could start being more nice and someone can tell him how nice it is to be a nice person.

My 6-year-old daughter’s answer:

Yes, because someone can talk to him and maybe he would change his mind.

My 5-year-old daughter’s answer:

Yes, by being quiet!

Before asking this question to my children, my answer was a resounding, NO! I , however, was looking at it from the perspective of the present, here and now, and not really considering future possibilites of having the positive influences of another helping to change the heart of one with no peace. But, now that my children have caused me to think about it a bit more, I believe that their perspective was correct, and mine was wrong. After listening to their answers, I have changed my answer to one filled with more hope and optimism. I have changed it to a MAYBE!!

I changed it because each of our days, after all, are built on the hope of good things to come, and if we can’t be hopeful of one another and our future together than there’s not much left to be hopeful about! My 5-year-old’s answer of being quiet, as simplistic as it was, she was very much on the money also. The older two and I had a good laugh about her response only because she was clearly speaking from experience since she is the loudest person in our household and is often asked to quiet down. If our politicians would take a cue from a 5-year-old and pause before letting foolish words fall from their lips, it could save them a great deal in damage control. Thanks kids for another great lesson in love, hope and human kindness!!! As usual, our kids are always teaching us something!


Baby Talk – Take 1

My 2 daughters ages 6 and 5 answer the following questions:

Question 1 What’s fun about spending time with your Grandparents?

6 year old: It’s fun that they are even here, and we always play with them!

5 year old: They push us on the tire swing.

6 year old: They never push us on the tire swing.

5 year old: Oh, they always color and play games with me and give us gum and ice cream.

6 year old: They tell us we’re cute, and pappy knows how to be really goofy!

Question 2 How are grandparents different from your parents?

5 year old: They have older skin and a lot of boo-boos on them.

6 year old: When they talk and eat their food, they make funny noises.

Kids are the funnest people on earth and I just love ’em!!! Don’t you?!

Potty Time and The Dirty Diaper Duel!!

Here’s a replay of the last scenario between my 2-year-old little boy who’s almost 3 and myself regarding going on the potty:

I think I’m ready now!

Mommy: It’s time to sit on the potty.

2-year-old: No, don’t want to go potty.

Mommy: But, it looks like you need to go potty so lets sit down on your potty chair.

2-year-old: Mom, you’re being mean to me. Don’t have to go.

Mommy: Okay, fine.  Please tell me when you have to go.

A minute goes by

2-year-old: Mom change me. I pooped.

Mommy: Sigh

If this is the familiar diaper duel going on in your house as well take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  This is my last child in diapers so to say I’m a little anxious to get this diaper duel done and finished is an understatement!

When it came to training my girls I had little difficulty, and in most cases I would win the duel fairly easily.  However, with both of my sons it was a long drawn out battle to the end. I’ve tried videos and books, get trained quick methods, buying the cute little underpants with their favorite characters, but in the end, what it all comes down to is a battle of the will.  My 2-year-old knows exactly what he needs to do and when, but will he? No, not until he’s ready. Don’t get me wrong, he does pee on the potty, but not regularly enough to always keep his pants dry.

I can try a few tricks to possibly speed up the process, but they are energy draining and time consuming for us both. However, if you want to give them a try, please do and don’t forget to come back and share the results! The links are below.  The second link is especially for boys! When you have multiple children going in 20 directions, it’s a challenge to focus efforts on making one stubborn little 2-year-old realize that pooping in the potty is a wonderful thing!  So for today, I’m sad to say, the potty still sits lonely in its corner.  However, hope for a victory tomorrow is still not lost.

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