Opening Today’s Gift Part 2

Love in a Can
Love in a Can (Photo credit: ohsohappytogether)

When I tune in to the latest news headlines and hear stories about a young, successful and promising Olympian killing his girlfriend, towns being paralyzed by mother nature’s merciless outpouring of winter snow storms, and mortar shells exploding and killing innocent bystander in Damascus, Syria, I have to pause because it’s too much to process at one time. The local and world news today is difficult to digest when you have a conscience. Most of all, I shutter at the thought of having to raise my children to some day let go of my hand and enter into this same precarious world on their own accord.

With our children’s hands gently placed in ours for the present time, I created Familymill so that you and I would not easily forget the value and importance of these days. I created Familymill to give others a sense of sanity when sanity has nearly been lost, to give parents, children, husbands and wives, etc. a safe shelter to come to and find something warm, welcoming and soothing to the human spirit awaiting them.

I say all of this because I too experience the demands of days filled with pressure, stress, and everyday obstacles to overcome. However, that has not kept me from enjoying the opening of today’s gift!  I hope that you will try to remember with me that life can still be lovely and every bit of beautiful even when it is not easy. Simply focus on the gift of just having this day which is opening now for you!

I love when I get to hold a brand new baby or when my friend and I can put a smile on each other’s face after experiencing pain, or dedicating an hour to a math assignment with my short-tempered son only to find that it all paid off with a great test grade. We all have to endure the bad, but while we are enduring the bad, let’s agree to never take our eyes off of “the gift”.

Finally, as I’m working through the same struggles and delights as you, one thing that always helps is knowing that today’s gift is made for sharing and not going through these ups and downs alone. So, for now and for later, enjoy your days, keep experiencing life in new ways, and your journey will be one that dreams are made of!!!

~ Cece

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