Pedicure, Painted Nails and Rosy Lipstick Rules!

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I’ve decided on my own that I’m in the mood for a modern day makeover from the past year’s baggage! However, I’m not going to wait for Project Runway’s Tim Gunn to call and invite me over to the show, nor will I wait for my husband to tell me to pack my bags for a weekend at the spa. I simply marked my calendar and informed all those who need to know that it is my self-proclaimed spa day off. Coffee in one hand, keys in the other, I am off to the mall for starters to claim some good deals on the New Year’s sales and clearance events going on and maybe spice up my wardrobe for half the price. Why let the young and childless have all of the spoils? Moms, it’s time to move in on some fun and excitement of your own making before you go any further into this new year! We have to get the year started off right don’t we?

Even if I wear worn sweats and matching worn tennis shoes 6 out of 7 days of the week because I work from home, today’s where it ends, and I treat myself to luxury by doing something that I know that I will love, giving myself the gift of a little “me time”! After spending the last month loving everyone else and keeping the kids busy and entertained while home on vacation, I think I can spend one day out of the month following the Pedicure, Painted Nails, and Rosy Lipstick Rules, so let’s go for it!

Before I slither back into that custom-made routine of babies, bobos and business as usual, I’m going to bring a sparkle of sunshine into the routine, and I invite you to do the same! If you can’t afford to go out for a pedicure, treat yourself to one at home! Do I wait for my husband to buy me roses? No, not anymore. When I need a pick me up boost before going into the kitchen for the millionth time to make a meal, I simply gaze at the fresh bouquet that I treated myself to; then, I look down to admire my painted piggies, and life is good again. I simply carry on having a merry day!

So let’s not wait for anyone else to make us feel beautiful, brilliant and adored, you know you are anyway! Therefore, lavish yourself today and spend a little “me time” whenever you can, enforcing the Pedicure, Painted Nails and Rosy Lipstick Rules for yourself and you’ll soon discover, it beats hanging around on the shelf waiting to get noticed!!!

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