Don’t Just Give Parental Guidance, See The Movie

There’s always a first for everything! Today it’s Familymill’s first ever movie review! My children and I love to enjoy great family films together, and I’m guessing so do you and yours! Therefore, I thought I’d share my recent experience taking my son and his four energetic friends to see the movie, Parental Guidance, for his 9th birthday celebration. It was not only a film that was packed with laughs, it was also packed with great thought provoking moments that would make a mom, dad or grandparent quickly realize why we dedicate so much of our time to our kids and grandkids and why it’s so important to keep trying even when we sometimes make mucho grande mistakes! The important thing is to never stop learning from our encounters and to never stop loving our sometimes frustrating and more often fabulous Familymill!


The movie centers around grandparents who don’t get to see their daughter nor their 3 grandchildren very often so they agree to come to town to babysit for a week while the parents take a long overdue trip away. Only, the daughter has very little faith in her parent’s ability to manage the children. Also, her modern day parenting techniques are rather difficult for her parents to abide by, especially her father. In the end, everyone learns a valuable lesson about the value of forgiveness, second chances, and giving our children room to figure out some of life’s issues on their own. I give Parental Guidance a Familymill Five Thumb Rating from my son and each of his friends!!!! Not only was it entertaining, it was clean and free from the 3 v’s: violence, vampiness and vulgar language! Most people don’t take notice of closing credits, but I happen to love the song called Home by Phillip Phillips which was played during the credits along with real pictures of the actors who starred in the film and their real families, a lovely touch!!! It’s nice to know that Hollywood, on occasion, does still know how to make movies that the whole family can enjoy with few edgy scenes and maybe even take home an extra lesson or two about the great value of family life in the process.

A great site that I often turn to in order to help me decide whether or not a movie is safe for family viewing is The Dove Foundation movie reviews. They also thought highly of Parental Guidance and gave it a 4 out of 5 dove rating. So, grab the popcorn and a comfy seat, and enjoy a good movie that’s worth the receipt!

Cece Schantz

4 thoughts on “Don’t Just Give Parental Guidance, See The Movie

  1. It was a joy to see my son and his friends laughing and enjoying the moment. They will carry that memory for a long time to come! We all need to try and recognize when someone in our family circle is struggling and gently help each other along! I couldn’t agree more about the beautiful message!

  2. You won’t be sorry. It’s worth renting! My son, I’m sure, will want to see it again once it’s out on video! I too had a movie list of the ones I wanted to keep my eye out for, but there are so many. I quickly lose track. Parents definitely have to do their homework before letting kids view the movies that are out.

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