A Time To Give Thanks

An all too forgotten past time are the words: “Thank You”. They are words that lead us to expressions of gratitude that may have never existed if it weren’t for someone showing us the true kindness of the human spirit which is something to be greatly treasured, celebrated, and emulated. I myself have learned to be quite an avid participant of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Although it would be much less stressing to keep the majority of my thanks reserved for the fourth Thursday of November each year, I’ve decided to try a different approach and extend my Thanksgiving to last the whole year through which means being consistently gracious each day even on days when every table has been turned, and I still can’t find a single ray of light to shine on my pitiful disposition. One thing I’ve learned about extending a grateful heart Is that it leaves less room for self-centeredness, and that would be a great trend to start.

This past week I’ve been helping my children complete their Thanksgiving assignments for school and making donations through their school to the children suffering in New York from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I’m glad whenever my children have the opportunity to assist in a worthwhile cause because verbal expressions of thanks at Thanksgiving are great, but when you add an act of kindness to extend your thanks it becomes priceless! The reason is because you are no longer just the beneficiary of kindness, but you are now a catalyst for continuing the line of paying it forward.  A mere thank you will usually do when you are the recipient of a kind gesture, but when you take a kind gesture to heart, there is usually a desire to do something more in order to give your gratitude a home, a place where it can be felt and further benefited from.

Since there is no such thing as a gratitude warehouse and since the needs of today have a better chance of being resolved when immediate action is taken, there simply is no time like today to look around and give your gratitude a face, as well as arms, legs and feet. The road toward betterment starts with one and ends with many lives being transformed.

Click here for American Red Cross Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Before I close, during this time of giving thanks, I would like to thank just a few of the many people who have given me so much for which I am thankful for. First in line is my husband, who’s the hardest working man I know. My children, who never cease to amaze me, have allowed me to grow in ways that they will never know.  I am thankful too for my wonderful mom, family, and loving friends, who often take the place of family. And, thanks to my enemies too because their dissension has given me even greater determination to reach heights that they will never know.  I also have to thank my mailman. It’s a beautiful thing to receive my packages on time and have them properly delivered too. My final thanks however, well, that one goes to you! For being here, I thank you for giving me an audience to share in all of my ramblings and also to mutually delight in yours too! I give my many thanks to all of you which means; it’s your turn now to craft just how you will take this special thanks and regift it to someone near and dear to you! Have a Happy Thanks-For-Giving Day!


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  1. You are very kind, thank you! The amount of devastation around us should weigh heavy on our souls. It was a wonderful idea for our local schools to get involved in the effort to bring aid to New York.

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