Election Day and Politics in a Family Friendly Nutshell

Driving home from the gym, my 8-year-old asks why one candidate  is always bashing the other? Then, he states who he would vote for and asks me if I plan to do the same! While, I have shared my views with him in the past, I simply said, “I think I’ll vote for you!” He laughed and said he would like to be President one day! “That would be awesome,” I said.  I choose not to make a big deal about who I am voting for to the impressionable little minds that are in my care because I want them to not just be informed voters one day, but I want them to be OBJECTIVE, informed voters! I know that I hold a lot of influence as a parent, and that’s great.  However, I think it would be selfish of me to not clue my children in on the entire political picture, don’t you?

I see it all around me, kids being raised as clones of their parents.  Sorry, I would rather have independent thinkers who know why they stand firm in a belief rather than just going through the motions because their parents told them what they should think,  but give them no foundation to go along with the judgemental opinions they’ve been taught.  Moreover, in my small opinion, simply telling our children who’s the best political party or candidate and why leaves them no room to formulate their own thoughts on this matter or any other! If we as parents do our jobs when it comes to teaching core values along with respect for ourselves and others then our children will naturally be able to formulate respectable voting decisions someday!

During our family conversations about the Presidential Election and other elections, we simply discuss the pros and cons behind each candidate in order to formulate an individual opinion on which candidate would best meet the needs of the office he or she is running for.  Now, isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be done?

It’s been horrifying to see such division and slander among the citizens of this nation at election time! What we have to keep in mind most are the issues! If you look closely enough at the past performance of each candidate, this will tell you where each candidate will most likely take us in the future.  It is not race, gender, nor economic status that should be the deciding factors when it comes time to cast our ballot for a particular candidate.  So, take time to listen and learn and leave biased opinions behind, and hopefully, it will lead to a nation of solidarity in which we respect our elected officials whether we voted for them or not. At the same time, we paint a picture for our children that this nation will only stay strong by its citizens and politicians working together to find solutions today so that they will inherit a great foundation for which to build upon tomorrow!


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