The Priceless Benefits of Picky Prioritizing

When we often make things a priority that should not be it causes our days to spiral out of control. These thoughts came to mind as guilt slowly crept up behind me for not squeezing in my kindergartener’s Halloween Party although I would be at my 1st graders party later that same day!

The thing is, I had a whole slew of other priorities to take care of, and she did not seem at all disturbed when I broke the news to her. This was odd because she usually demands my presence the most out of all of our children. I’ve learned that when this kind of unexpected cooperation is encountered, it’s best to just go with it! How many times do we put extras on our plate in an attempt to help others, when it’s us who could use a hand? It was clear, that I was not meant to be there. So, I went with that. And, the prioritizing payoff was: a super savory anxiety free day all because I cut out the nonsense and did what made sense for once! I hope you’ll do the same!


One thought on “The Priceless Benefits of Picky Prioritizing

  1. Thank you! It really does pay to stop and give serious thought to what we are filling our time with and it pays to make adjustments in order to stay sane. We also should be more forgiving of ourselves if we can’t get to everything.

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