Your Lifetime Celebration: The Best Is Yet To Come

Not all of us can indulge in a wedding and video that is this spectacular. However, it is not the expense that makes a wedding beautiful, but the love of two unfolding and wrapping around one another as they give their eternal vows and celebrate the divine moment, when two become one!

To all the soon to be brides and grooms out there, know that your wedding vows go far beyond one glorious day of celebrating.  When you pledge these vows, remember that these are vows to be followed by your heart for a lifetime, and not just for a day. Remember to cling to the strength, joy, and love that, from the start, are forever woven into the fabric of your lives together. Forever love is to be renewed and reestablished daily so that it will remain a strong and mighty tower throughout the remaining years of your life long journey together! So, cheers to your marriage of a lifetime whether you are not yet married or have been married for years! Embrace the love that is still to come.

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