Serving Up Healthy Attitudes on the Marriage Menu

Recently, while out dining at a favorite restaurant, I spotted another couple merrily taking in their dinner by candlelight meal of enticing conversation accompanied by hand holding and eye gazing ecstasy. It left me stumped and longing to exchange my greasy fat-burger and fries relationship in for something more refined say…. a savory oven-baked salmon fillet accompanied by a light dollop of creamy mashed potatoes. If we were truly going to give our relationship life a boost these 5 rules were a must to keep by our side!

1. Having no limitations will lead to over indulgence. Taking time to weigh our options made us realize that we had much healthier choices available to us regarding how we choose to communicate with each other.

2. What you consume will determine what you allow to consume you. Being selective about not only our grocery list, but also in our refusal to let ugliness and nonsense get the best of us made a big difference in our demeanor and productivity.

3. The minute you make the decision to eat healthy, your body instantly thanks you and your uphill battle feels more like a level sprint. No longer digesting negativity made our outlook much more positive, thus making us more delighted and eager to spend time together, and it also made each of us more delightful to be around.

4. Eating healthy will revitalize more than just your body and your taste buds, it will cleanse your mind. We have more confidence in ourselves and our marriage and in what we can achieve. We are strengthened individually and in our marriage!

5. Feeling good on the inside takes more than looking good on the outside. Guilty pleasures and false facades provide no fuel. Filling up our love tanks with much needed substance that gives us new life and recharges our batteries and our committment to one another is the greatest gift a married couple can give to their marriage!

Well, so far so good! It feels good to not have so much junk in my trunk when my husband and I are spending time together! Who knew that serving up healthy attitudes times two could improve not only our health, our outlook, but our marriage too?!!!

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