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My last few posts have been on delay because my family and I went away on a mini vacation to our cottage. When the children were infants, I use to dread packing up for a cottage stay because it seemed like I was bringing half of our belongings along for the ride! Loading the pack ‘n play, food, and luggage to stay for just 1 night hardly seemed worth it, but now it has become a much anticipated tradition.

Taking in the beauty of autumn as a family, these are what I like to call “the lazy days of fall” rather than summer when nature slows down to prepare for its long winter’s rest, and I love slowing down along with it to enjoy the crisp view. Memories like these don’t just take place automatically, they require time and a little bit of effort if we want our children to live out their childhood rather than just existing in it!

Creating special childhood moments while our kids are young is vital! Facebook, for instance, does not nor will it ever come close to quality time in the presence of those who mean the most to us! I’ve grown to appreciate our times away because each time we unplug ourselves from the internet, cell phones and such, what’s left is connecting with each other! Research shows that there are key links between our emotions and what we choose to store as our most valued memories. This can only mean that creating lasting memories is a must to build a strong family foundation that our children will keep coming back to and always value.

While on our trip, my son said it best when he said, “It always feels like Saturday when we are here. I love it here and wish it could be forever Saturday, and we didn’t have to go home.” Another way of rephrasing his words is to say, “Mom and Dad, I need and want more of this kind of down time and together time in my life.” Overscheduling our lives so that our home life is more of a pit stop rather than a calming retreat from outside distractions can develop into a bad habit rather easily. Like a freshly picked autumn apple, life is sweetest when you get to its core!

Not everyone has a place to go to get away and explore; however, every one of us has time to spare, but it’s up to each of us to free up that time and use it up on those around us and not just on ourselves. Signing our children up less often for recreational activities, and using the extra time to build a better community of camaraderie within our marriages and families might just overflow and strengthen our relationships with our neighbors too and friends and so on and so on! My kids love inviting their friends over for a jump in the leaves and a sip of apple cider, and I love that when they are here, I don’t have to worry about their safety elsewhere.

An ideal childhood never loses its connection with the simple pleasures of life. This can’t be found in activities alone, but it is found through the quality time that you give by showing our children how to paint their own rainbows and smile. It’s because you gave them the gifts of discovery and connecting with others in such a way that if feels like Saturday every single day!


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    1. You are such a great inspiration to your family and to me! It is so important to fill up our children with more than just crumbs! They grow up so fast! We don’t want them to grow up starved and malnourished.

  1. Exactly, we all get caught in the busy web! I use to never like leaving things undone. Now, for the sake of my children, I’ve learned to walk away from my never ending “to do list” and things have turn out just fine, sometimes they turn out even better!

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