Best Teen Daughter Dating Tip

Though neither of my two daughters are even close to being in their teens, I gasp at the thought of them bringing home a character better suited to attend a year or two of Gentlemen Training than to spend any time in the company of either of my daughters. So here is my advice:

“If he falls short in any way, don’t stay, simply…..


Now, that’s good advice, simple and straight forward.  A  no nonsense approach to dating right from the start is great training for those years when they become serious about finding their mate for life.  Let’s face it moms, the variations in options that exist in the dating pool for our daughters is cause to stop, think, and shutter!!!  There are far too many beautiful young ladies out here with songs of suffering to share rather than bursting with tunes of joy, harmony, and glee! The last thing we want to see these precious gems doing is settling for anything less than the best!

Don’t worry girls,
about everyone else
or about being alone.
First learn that your life is your own.

Travel, learn, thrive and grow.
First educate your mind,
and then you will better know
who is deserving of your love of a lifetime.

The beautiful uniqueness of a young girl will grow to be of great appeal to the man who will some day call her his wife. No, it’s not too much to expect a man to behave gentlemanly at all times and in all things.  In fact, it needs to be a requirement! A decision to end a relationship should be respected without fear of having to be justified. So let’s teach our young ladies to love their own bodies and minds.  Love themselves enough to know that they don’t have to reveal too much of themselves on the outside for them to be loved on the inside.  Young ladies need to love themselves enough to wait for Valiant Victor rather than settling for Easy Eddy because they are entitled to their happily ever after, and we as moms are entitled to peace of mind after all the hard work we put into raising them. Please lets not forget to constantly remind them where to draw the line!


4 thoughts on “Best Teen Daughter Dating Tip

      1. Of course if there is a real problem, but I would hesitate drilling that message in too firmly. from what I have obseved in the youth and younger generations of todays women they seem to go on a date and if everything does not fall into place at once they move onto the next. I will urge my daughter to have patience and to wait and see a bit. as for the real red flags I saw a website once highlighting signs of controlling/ abusive behaviour in men. I must find it for future use.

      2. Yes, there is usually a reason why we pick up on certain things especially if you pick up on them repeatedly. Assuming it’s nothing, may not be the way to go.

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