Mastering the Art of Ignoring

Believe it or not mastering the art of ignoring can be quite beneficial to ones pursuits, dreams and objectives, not to mention our precious mental health!  Children are not the only ones who can be good at this art form. Although, you can learn a lot of advanced skills by watching them in action!

Some real-life examples of this art form include:

Frank Shorter,  a medalist who won gold because he had enough discipline to not be moved by the noise he was hearing. He won gold back in the Summer Olympics of 1972 for the 26 mile marathon in Munich, Germany despite being overwhelmed with the sounds of boos and harsh yelling coming from the crowd.  No, these actions were not aimed at him, but instead, were aimed at a member of the crowd who, without reason, jumped onto the track and ran a lap just moments before the olympian’s entry into the arena.

Next, take a look at Samantha Hodge, currently a college student at Western Carolina University who after knee injuries, surgery and the onset of infection and two major concussions, continues to pursue her passion of someday becoming a professional soccer player.  She also recently watched in admiration as the U.S Women’s Soccer Team won the gold  and continues to dream of successes such as these for herself!   I would not be surprised if we someday see her name in lights.

Finally, I, myself, have witnessed times in my life that I thought I would never get the opportunity to see my dreams become a reality, but each day I am confident that I am one step closer.  My dream is to some day be an accomplished author! Much like the admirable, Samantha Hodge and countless others with her same spirit and determination, I have resolved to never quitting and never giving in to unsupportive voices nor the setbacks of life.

I share this with you because there are many out here who are not surrounded by loving words of support and encouragement each day. There are many who are forced each day to be their own encouragers because they were not dealt an easy hand to play out in this life. Whether suffering from injuries of the mind or body, ongoing health problems, or a lack of helping hands of support, giving into setbacks or discouraging words will never get us to our life’s goal. I have suffered through all of the above, and I am stronger because of it. If you are fortunate enough to have the support of loving friends and family, use it to your advantage and appreciate it.  If you are not that fortunate know that success is just one step of faith away!  Ignorance, my friend, is everywhere you go and no where you want to be!!! So, remember this old proverb:

While the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt, the ignorant sit with nothing to roast.

If you know you are hunting down the right path, don’t be moved, just stay on task and soon you will be fed.  Just be sure that what you are allowing yourself to ingest is good food for the soul.

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