My Piece Filled Peace Post

In case my last post wasn’t enough to win you over in making Peace Day 2012 a personal part of everyone’s day who is brave enough to tune in and read my weekly articles and short blurbs, here’s one so packed with pieces of peace that you may have to turn away momentarily for fear of becoming nauseous. Don’t worry though.  You should regain your senses rather quickly. Just tune back in and be sure to make some head room to fill the peace starved portions of your mind and we will both continue the day better than we started!

First up, Emmet Fox on how a little love can go a long way ~

There is no difficulty that enough love
will not conquer; No disease that enough
love will not heal; No door that enough love
will not open; No gulf that enough love will
not bridge; No wall that enough love will no
throw down; No sin that enough love
will not redeem.

It makes no difference how deeply
seated may be the trouble;
How hopeless the outlook; How muddled
the tangle; How great the mistake
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve
it all … If you only could love enough you
would be the happiest and most powerful
being in the world.

Now for a piece of Friendship Pie A La Mode. 

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups of patience ~ 1 heart full of love ~ 2 handfuls of generosity ~ 2 cups of loyalty ~ 1 cup of understanding ~ A dash of laughter

Mix all ingredients well. Sprinkle generously over a lifetime
and serve everyone you meet.

Up next is a really great song and video by none other than: Peace Ike. It talks about standing up for your right to speak and to have a voice in this world!

Don’t lose your voice by not standing up to injustice!

The entire earth makes up the largest familymill of all! So, since we are all a part of one big earth family tree, let’s learn to speak one another’s language through this sweet children’s book:  Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz.The book even makes reference to the International Day of Peace and translates the word Peace in several languages!

Now, how about a tune the kids can sing along to…..


Okay, so hopefully you are still with me on this Peace Powwow! The song, written by Jack Hartmann, is something simple that you can teach your  children or even volunteer to go into your child’s classroom and teach the whole class.  In fact, that is where I’ll be this Peace Day, in my 5 year old’s Kindergarten Class, painting and singing and, no doubt, being painted on, all the while enjoying every minute! The lyrics are below along with a link to hear the audio too!

kidspeacesong AUDIO


People come in different sizes, colors, shapes and names Though we’re different on the outside, inside I think we’re the same People come in different sizes, colors, shapes and names Though we’re different on the outside, inside I think we’re the same

Different noses, different toeses, different hair, different eyes But the same way we need love, and the same tears when we cry


Different colors, sisters, brothers, different hands, different knees But we’re all in one big family, with a dream to live in peace

Finally, we’ve reached the finale and it’s a fun-filled peace craft:

The picture is self-explanatory.  The fewer the supplies and steps needed, the easier a craft is to do with all ages! Supplies needed: a large sheet of thick art paper, an assortment of washable paints, medium brushes, water, trays (or large paper plates). Lastly, you’ll need one pair of precious little hands! Spread the paint on the trays. Choose a hand and dip it in the paint and then onto the paper until you’ve made a complete hand circle. Before glueing a circle in the center of the “hand petals” add your favorite peace filled phrase or quote on it or make up one. An example would be: “Growing a garden of peace one hand at a time.”

Well, this concludes my piece filled peace post.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!  If you find yourself in need of a peace refill, come back again, there’s plenty here to share. Enjoy your peace day by doing something good. If the shoe was on the other foot, you’d be glad if someone else would do the same!


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