One Mom’s Poetic Lament As Baby Turns 3

There’s something magical about the journey from age 2 to 3 that simply amazes me! There’s so much that is still babyish about them when they turn 2, but once age 3 rolls around you’re left stunned! I’m left with the question, “When did this rascally little baby of mine grow up?!” 

My baby’s turning 3!
Your infant days are over!
Just 28 posts ago I shared the
Frustrations of changing your diapers. 
Now, those are history too!
No, I didn’t say you were two.
You’re 3 and I will forever be
A mom of babies no more!

I love the way you look at me,
And climb upon my lap.
I love the way you love to cuddle,
And wish that I could own these days,

And wrap them up just right
Saving them for a time when
You will no longer care to be:
Tucked in or to sit beneath my chin.

“Hold me Momma,” is what you reply.
I vow to remember this moment.
With your hands raised up high;
When we rested peacefully
My new big boy at the tender age of 3!

Happy Birthday to my “Adorable Little Bruiser!”

4 thoughts on “One Mom’s Poetic Lament As Baby Turns 3

    1. If a young child can achieve and mature as quickly as they do in one year, just think of the obstacles that we as adults can over power if we made the decision to not let anything stand in our way! In witnessing the growth of a child, it is clearly evident that the human spirit was made by great hands for great things!

      1. We slow down a bit as we age.. or is that just me 🙂
        I think us as mums achieve so much but I have never been that ambitious, I find contentment in the little things that mean the most 🙂

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