Echoes of Sorrow, Still the Sun Shines on 9-11

Not a day passes over the earth but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words, and suffer noble sorrows.

-Charles Reade
The question remains, if you were old enough to remember the events of 9-11-01: how have you allowed such sorrows to change how you live and what you live for this very day?
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One thought on “Echoes of Sorrow, Still the Sun Shines on 9-11

  1. The example of the tragedies of 9-11-01 and other tragedies in which innocent lives were lost for the sake of making a statement reminds me of why I so dearly value the lives of those around me both young and old and why I seek out to live as a better me. It is because tomorrow is not promised, and there is a need today for myself and each of us to dutifully look out for every citizen of this earth as if they were our own. Thus, breaking the chains that bind us to hatred and blind us from seeing that every man here has a place, and if he does not know that place, we must help him find it. This can only be done through love, not hate.

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