It’s Never Too Late For A School Check Up

As the second week of school officially closes for my Kindergartener, 1st grader and 3rd grader, I decided that it was time to do the 1st of many periodic one-on-one check ups to see if they have any concerns that need sharing and also to see how they are enjoying the new experiences that stepping up to a new grade undoubtedly brings.

I’m glad to report that, in this case, “no news is good news” for the moment and everyone is doing quite well. As I escorted my oldest, who is the 3rd grader up to bed, he shared with me that his only concerns with school so far have nothing to do with other kids or run ins with potential bullies. Instead, his greatest concern is getting school work that he doesn’t understand or is unable to complete.

Wow! What a dedicated learner I have standing before me! I explained that if his passion for learning and success is half as great as I have witnessed it to be then, I have no worries that he will do well now and throughout his school years. “Concentrate on your strengths,” I always say, and the rest will take care of itself!

Regular check-points are a great way to gage what’s happening during the time that your child spends in someone elses care. Don’t assume that they will automatically tell you when there is a concern. Part of being a good parent practitioner is being a good detective and reading between the lines. However, because life can often move faster than our mind reading skills can, we need to have quick five-minute check ups at the very least. Children need to be given every opportunity possible to be at their best and fully enjoying the gift of learning.

Just like it’s never too late for a school check up, your kids will also never out grow the need for you to look out for them, even into their own parenthood days. We don’t always have to let them know we are checking up. However, once you go into the lucrative practice of parental check ups and see the rewards of having a confident child with a healthy self-image, it will be a practice you will want to continue passing down to the many generations to come.


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  1. Yes, it’s interesting; my daughters will both spend hours telling me about their day, but only the good stuff. They seem to hold off on the unpleasantries of the day and will save it for later. And, my son tells me nothing without me pulling it out of him. Thank you so much for your interest! Glad you enjoyed it!

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