6 Not So Subtle Signs of Fall

It’s hard saying good-bye to the slap happy days of summer sizzling delight and pleasant outdoor good-nights. However, all good things must come to an end if we are to begin our next great adventure! I don’t mind so much saying good-bye to summer because fall is actually my favorite time of year! If you live in a region of the world where warm weather is not in season all 12 months of the year, you’ll be sure to relate to these signs of fall, some being more subtle than others!

1. Hibernation mode and extra hours of darkness sneak in and suddenly, it’s a challenge getting up in the mornings. With the time change that will soon occur and the later sunrise, it’s no wonder my eager get up and go attitude has got up and went to an undisclosed location that I have yet to find. Longing to return back to the comfort of my cozy bed, a prayer and a fresh cup of joe are my only hope. I’ve noticed also, that reading becomes a lot more appealing and possible as the colder weather begins to drive me indoors. I’m starting to build my fall/winter reading stack as we speak! It’s located right next to my favorite blanket, and a box of hot cocoa!

2. Socks and slippers are essentials once more. With the sudden nightly dip in temperature, I’m in desperate need of a wardrobe swap. I find myself often scurrying to find socks and slippers that I had happily discarded months ago when summer was here for good! Now, in my desperate attempts to retrieve them again, only one slipper could be found leaving me with no other choice but to shuffle around in my husband’s for now.

3. Time to pack up the beach towels, bathing suites, and yes, flip-flops too. That soothing down time at the beach or pool melts mountains of tension and relieves even the most run down of moms, moods and catastrophic days. Sadly though, as the summer sun sets for the year, gone are those refreshing dips in the sparkling, warm waters of relief as your beach towel and flip-flops happily await your return!

4. The kids are back to school. Nothing says fall like seeing the school buses journeying up and down neighborhood streets and seeing those bustling backpacks chugging along to and from school. Reflecting on my own childhood days, fall and school were always synonymous with one another in my mind. Automatically, visions of fall foliage, pumpkin pie, and apple picking swirl in my mind as I now prepare for the fall school session ahead for my own children.

5. Football season is back in swing, and during games, my husband can not be reached even when I’m sitting right next to him!  My husband is a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan, and well, I guess I am too.  I, however, tend to still be aware of my surroundings when the game is on. Every fall season is filled with gatherings, food, and fun all in the name of football!

6. Bargain shopping is the name of the game! Personally, this is my favorite sign of summer’s end because I ‘m a bargain hunter and a lover of all things chic and cheap! Yes, these two words can go together if you know where to look and how to shop wisely! Most people love a good bargain, and every year around this time, you’ll find great ones on summer clothing from sandals to sunglasses. Moms can’t beat it! Those little ones don’t stay little for long. This is the only time you can stock up and have a complete summer wardrobe for them lined up for next year at less than half the regular season price! Just remember to buy bigger sizes because they will, no doubt, have sprouted an inch or two by then!

Finally, no matter how you look at it, saying good-bye to summer is hard, but be inspired by the beautiful bounty of fall flavor as autumn leaves and festivities sprinkle this time of year with many new memories you, your family and friends will happily share!


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