8 Ways to Journal Your Way to Healing

If you read my post about fall journaling and you are ready to begin, here are 8 helpful pointers to get your pen motivated and moving with fresh new discoveries awaiting you!

1. Decide what you want to write about. What has inspired you lately? In what area has your life taken a dramatic change, or in what area would you like to see dramatic change occur? When you’ve found your answer, then, you’ve found your subject.

2. Try to make an entry at least once a week. In the beginning when starting something new, it’s good to train yourself for the new routine by doing it often. After one month, you can keep it the same, or give yourself a break and only do an entry bi-monthly or monthly.

3. Give some background on this current time in your life. If you are writing about the new addition to the family, first discuss the anticipation of everyone in the house and how everyone did his or her part to welcome this new life. Giving supporting details will help to highlight why this event is so worth documenting.

4. Be sure to include both ups and downs. When journaling about a difficult subject, it’s easy to only vent about the dark side and forget to mention the lifesavers (those people or things that got you through a rough period when all else failed.)

5. Keep it private. Journaling is very therapeutic. The more honest and open you are about your feelings, the more helpful the process will be. However, remember that this is your own personal project, and if you are going to write about things that you have not shared with others, it is of absolute importance that you keep private information exactly that, private! It is not a good practice either to confront others by leaving your journal out for someone to read and discover information that could be very devastating. So, taking extra effort to keep your journal in a safe private place at ALL times.

6. Maintain organization in your journal(s) by dating each entry and dividing topics. If you uncover a desire to journal about several different topics such as: self-esteem, children, spirituality, diet, career changes, hobbies, a new business or invention, it will be easier to refer back if you separate them. You can do this by recording your thoughts and discoveries in different journals, or in different sections of the same journal, and just separate each section by using small, colored sticky tabs.

7. Review 1 or 2 of your last entries regularly before adding a new one. The reason for review is to help give you perspective about your last entry and to make sure that you are not repeating the same thoughts but, instead, you are moving forward.

8. Finally, we can not leave out affirmations! Affirmations are the meat of journaling your way to a more enlightened you! Losing those 10 lbs of post baby weight that you thought would never come off is a great victory, so affirm yourself by writing it down in words: “I’m a more healthier me and I’m worth a trillion bucks no matter what!” Don’t be afraid to say it loud and say it proud when you accomplish something great!

I’ve been journaling for several years now and love peeking back in time and witnessing first hand the many victories I have won by overcoming fears, limitations, and weaknesses. I’m very encouraged by how far I have come and hope that, you too, will be uplifted by your journaling journey! Today’s a great day to start!


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  1. Love the picture. I couldn’t resist a journal like that. I have a thing about stationary which is often frustrated in this digital age, just the tilt and swirl of pen on paper is therapeutic to me, the rustle of pages turning, feeling of creating something solid and lasting.

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