Fall Journey To Journaling

It seems like only yesterday when summer began and I published my very first post on this site! Now, as the cool crispness of fall closes in and the days grow shorter and the summer sun gently says it’s good-byes, I am reminded, once again, of how quickly time presses on! There are just too many things that I want to hold onto and savor each day and not enough hours to make this happen. This brings me to talk to you about a wonderful way for you and I to make time stand still! It’s “elementary my dear Watson!” It’s also, the art of journaling! Yes, putting pen to paper and journaling those days in which life gives us a clear glimpse of its true meaning. Allowing that, “uh huh moment” to live forever by storing it in the pages of your very own diary to be revisited and refreshed with the turn of a page!

Like a photograph of the heart, journaling allows us to capture a moment and keep it forever. We all experience things in different ways, and recording those experiences in our very own words allows us to reflect on the impact of such moments as your child’s first day of kindergarten, or your memorable summer vacation of 2012. Photographs only scratch the surface, but words, they tell the entire story from our own unique perspective!

Journaling is especially beneficial when we are battling obstacles in our lives, and who doesn’t have obstacles? Last years challenge for me was making the decision to home school my children. I had no idea what to expect, but what I did know was that I was entering unexplored territory, the birthplace of challenges. So, I started journaling my experiences in order to track my progress and also so that I would not miss out on the many valuable lessons that I was learning about education and my teaching strengths and weaknesses as well as that of my children.

If you don’t have much time to dedicate to this, just remember that journaling is time well spent. For me it’s a reminder of why I have decided not to complain. Life’s payout is much more worthwhile when we choose to make lemon meringue pie out of life’s overflowing lemon basket. So, this fall, as the kiddies go back to school and the leaves begin to change, think about how your life has changed course too. Whether it has changed course for the better or worse, when we reflect on the journey that brought us here by writing it down, it is an investment in time that you will someday, literally, look back on and be amazed at the road you have traveled and the discoveries you have benefited from along the way!


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