Why I No Longer Complain

Life is extremely humbling if nothing else! I look around me and see all the ways that my life has been spared and all of the ways that I have benefited from the lives and experiences that surround me, both good and not so good. Through the lot of these experiences, I’ve come to the simple conclusion that really, I can’t complain!

If we don’t hope for anything big, then, how can we expect anything big to come our way?

Is it that I can’t complain because I have perfect children and the perfect marriage? No, my children, on most days worry me to tears. If it’s not their lack of listening skills, it’s the peculiar behaviors that I observe that worry me because I have seen enough of the ugly side of humanity to know where such behaviors can land them it they don’t shape up! And, as far as marriage and rocky roads go, my rock pile has reached higher than the Himalayas more times than I care to mention, yet I and my husband continue to work on these stumbling blocks because we think our marriage, our children, and our family unit are worth the effort and sacrifice that we continue to put into them. In other words, we have HOPE in tomorrow even when today gives us a serious bellyache.

No, relationships are not always pretty. In fact they can be down right ugly on more occasions than not, so how is it, do you ask, that one can live under conditions of stress, constant injustice, and turmoil, yet not complain? It’s simple really. I can’t complain because it’s my personal right and choice to not focus on weakness and rough spots be it my own or someone elses. Instead, I have chosen to put 100% of my time and energy into turning weaknesses and rough spots into achievements and victories. The place where you and I are seated right now is filled with uncertainty and challenges that lurk around every corner, but rather than sit and cry or run the opposite direction, we can choose to stop, work, and never give up until things begin to go in the right direction through pain staking resilience.

It is at this time that I slowly lift my head up out of the suffocating stillness of my crippling miscalculations and myriad of mistakes, and I begin to see something amazing, enriching, and invigorating beyond my wildest imagination. What I see…is the REAL ME with all of her potential pouring forth! I, now have the word “miracle” written all over me, and it is not by mistake or accident, but by the promises written long ago that I like yourself am one who was made to achieve greatness. I just had to figure it out for myself in my hearts own time. And, now that the wellsprings have uncovered an amazing stockpile of resilience, I will not complain. I will not for one minute entertain going back to a life of bitterness and doom. I will not, because, that life no longer suits me.

As I overcome today, I will keep moving forward by overcoming one obstacle at a time. And, as I overcome today, the promises of tomorrow will continue to be revealed. Our relationship struggles with spouses, children, and the like are what guide us to knowing who we are. It is not always them whose behavior needs to change, but it’s often us as well. It is because I believe in a bright tomorrow that I will not complain about whatever struggles I must overcome today! I just think to myself…something great must be waiting around the corner! And, so far, I’ve been right!!!


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