Happy Berry After

It’s a beautiful lazy summer afternoon and your parents drop in to visit.  Both you and your husband unexpectedly have the afternoon wide open. So, why not hop in the car and treat yourselves to a blissful berry picking rendezvous? The two of you arrive at the local farm, no kids in sight and love is in the air! Grabbing a basket and his left hand, you head to the fields in search of some ripe winners. Berry picking is not only a great way to bring home some fresh locally grown produce, it’s also a great way share the day with the one you love. Berry season will soon be over due to the early heat wave back in March. So grab your lipstick and purse along with your honey’s hand, and go searching for berries! I bet after you’re all through, you’ll discover even more treats than you ever knew were possible from entering one little berry patch on your sweetheart mid-summer rendezvous!

Tips on being a prize picker of blueberries:

– Look for berries with a light gray-blue color. (If too red, it isn’t ripe enough.)

– Leave the white and green berries because they will never ripen after picking.

– Berries that can be picked, but must still have time to ripen (at room temp.) are dark, red or purple berries.

– The denser the berry, the more likely its ripe. So, if it rolls right off your hand, it’s a keeper!

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