When Generations Connect

My son playing the piano for his grandmother.

The next generation has much more to connect to than you and I ever did. This is thanks to the present information age, but one connection that they should never lose is having a close connection to their grandparents. I asked my daughters two questions that were posted earlier in Baby Talk: “What’s fun about spending time with your grandparents?” And, “How are grandparents different from your parents?” If you’ve read their answers, it’s hard not to smile or even laugh out loud! And, that’s exactly how it is to see them in action with their grandparents.

My children and their grandparents absolutely adore each other. Just sitting on grandpap’s lap as he sings a song or tells a story of his childhood days is such a joy for them. In fact, children are often mesmerized by how easily grandparents make any activity fun just by adding their charm and unequivocal sense of humor. These are two groups that belong together. As time goes on and our parents show more and more signs of aging, one of the greatest natural remedies to forget those aches and pains is to be in the company of a child at play. Also, who better to instill wisdom into the growing minds of little ones than their grandparents?

Most of our parents are no longer busy with the hustle and bustle of an ongoing list of demands, so they, unlike us, can transport children off into another place and time where there are no worries and no need to rush or plug in their new game system. There is simply time. Time to spend filling the day treasuring the life of one who has lived well and has seen many amazing days, and also, one who has an entire lifetime to live and make her way.

There are times that I’ve felt like a fifth wheel and removed myself in order to give my parents their space to assist in polishing these young little jewels among us! I am very thankful for these days because I know what they will mean to everyone down the line. There is a lot to be learned from the younger and the older generations. Therefore, when you connect these generations together everyone’s life grows sweeter for that moment, and the more moments treasured, the more richer our lives become.


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