Baby Talk – Take 1

My 2 daughters ages 6 and 5 answer the following questions:

Question 1 What’s fun about spending time with your Grandparents?

6 year old: It’s fun that they are even here, and we always play with them!

5 year old: They push us on the tire swing.

6 year old: They never push us on the tire swing.

5 year old: Oh, they always color and play games with me and give us gum and ice cream.

6 year old: They tell us we’re cute, and pappy knows how to be really goofy!

Question 2 How are grandparents different from your parents?

5 year old: They have older skin and a lot of boo-boos on them.

6 year old: When they talk and eat their food, they make funny noises.

Kids are the funnest people on earth and I just love ’em!!! Don’t you?!

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