Together as One American Family

Can you even begin to picture it? You give your teenage son or daughter permission to go to a late night premiere unveiling of the new Batman movie with friends, only to be awakened by the horrific news of a mass shooting that has taken place at the very same location your child is! My mind trembles at the thought; yet, that was no doubt, what many awakened to as they rushed to the scene of this senseless attack. And now, several hours later all of America is waking up, once again, to the fact that we are living in uncertain times.

“We must come together as one American family,”  are the words that came from President Obama as he spoke about the horrific shooting that took place overnight at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 12 people were killed and at least 50 others were injured spanning in age from 6 to 31 years of age.

Going to the movies is a great American pastime and a wonderful and well utilized way for a family to spend time together laughing and enjoying themselves.  Now, as Americans mourn and are left with many questions the first of which is “why?”, there is a gray and mortifying cloud that hovers across this country as we reconsider the state of our world. We must also consider the time we spend in public places, and the places we allow our teens to go with our given consent.  My heart aches and my sincere prayers go out to the families who’s lives are now changed forever because of one troubled soul who, rather than seek help for his deep plaguing troubles, chose to take the lives of his fellow man.

In regards to what the President said, we all share this planet together, and we all must take into consideration that some among us are deeply troubled.  We must care for our neighbor. We must reach out to one another because there is always common ground to be found.  That common ground is in our humanness and our prevalence to mess up. And, when we do, it is only by the God sent hand of another that we can ever receive the help needed to come out of whatever malign isolation would lead a man to commit such horrific acts against another. It’s time to no longer spend our days only on ourselves, but to extend an open hand to another who is hurting far beyond anything we could ever imagine. Yes, as our President stated, it truly is time to, “come together as one.” We can not wait for more tragedies of this nature to occur! The American way of life, and more importantly, our families’ lives depend on it!

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