The Midnight Bandits Strike Again!

Can we sleep with you?

I can’t believe it! Finally, all nestled in my cozy bed with visions of blogging merrily running through my head when in creeps bandit #1 escaping from her bed. And, now I’m really outdone because here comes another one! If you read about my last nightmarish post, you’d know that this hasn’t been a good week for sleeping well, so my insomnia continues thanks to my little bandit girls who decided to steal away mom and dad’s peaceful night’s rest.

In a recent study just released 2 months ago, Nanna Olsen, of Copenhagen University Hospitals in Denmark found that when parents allow their waking child to sleep in bed with them rather than returning her to her own bed, it creates a sense of security in the child and may protect against obesity in later years. That’s all well and good, but obesity is the furthest thing from my mind at 2 AM when I’m so exhausted that I can’t even lift one eyelid much less make a move to carry these little lead weights back to their beds.

All of my children at one time or another have struggled with remaining in their beds throughout the night. It was so bad at one time with our oldest son that we had to begin enforcing consequences for the behavior just so we could feel somewhat rested each day after a long night of dodging narrow knees and elbows in the ribs. I do understand the need for security and closeness at times when a child awakes in the middle of the night. However, approving such behavior must be done liberally because, as with most things, children will quickly take advantage of your approval and before you know it, you’ll be forced to abandon ship and begin searching for a new place to lay your head; and, my friends, that is completely out of the question! Children need to learn good habits at an early age. So, knowing when to budge and when to hold your ground is key, and will lead to fewer battles to fight in the wee hours of the night!


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  1. One day we will miss those days of us filling their world so deeply. I try to remind myself of that when I’m wishing for the Midnight Bandits to return to their own beds.

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