One Woman’s Nightmare on Aging!

I had a most dreaded dream or shall I say nightmare last night. I dreamt that overnight I had literally turned into this horrid, despicable goblin like something out of Lord of the Rings.  It was not a dream that I want to revisit again. However, it served as a reminder that I’m not getting any younger, and if I want to preserve what youth I still have, I must take active steps for that to happen.  I love listening to my young cousins and nieces sharing their beauty secrets and discussing their latest YouTube videos on which shampoos leave your hair bouncy and full of body and which eyeshadow they love best.

I’m aging, don’t look!

Ha!! I’m lucky to have washed or combed my hair on most days. Instead, I just throw on a cap and as for make up, my tube of Chap Stick goes a long way on hot blistering days!

On those rare occasions when I do go out without kids or on a “date night” with my husband, I do pride myself on a well put together me.  And, everyone is absolutely amazed at how well I can clean myself up!  Well, it’s not only during our going out occasions that we should apply some sort of beauty regiment, it’s every day that goes by that we need to pay attention to our appearance.

But, one thing you moms of young ones must remember is that, “it’s okay if yesterday doesn’t look like today.” Just lay out a basic plan such as a daily facial regiment of:  cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin.  I can’t always get to exfoliating, so I often skip this part until evening (or I skip it all together), but I always try to nourish my face and the sensitive eye area by applying a moisturizer and eye cream each day. It’s essential to fighting wrinkles and keeping dark rings from forming under your eyes.

Also, don’t forget about diet and exercise. Sad to say, but yes we are what we eat. I found that out the hard way when I discovered 2 months ago that I had a gluten intolerance.  However, since elimating greasy fattening fast foods, and saying so long to wheat, I’ve never felt more fit and focused. I also save my exercise time for the evening after the kids are in bed. Just 30 minutes 4 nights a week is good for me, plus all the exercise I get cleaning up crumbs, clothes and kids each day.

Finally, dive into those long-lost lotions and creams filling the bathroom cabinet. Pamper yourself and actually use the bathtub yourself instead of just for cleaning the sour milk out of onesis, and sudsing up dirty children. Pour in some bubbles. Put on some relaxing music, LOCK the door, and soak your troubles and callouses away!  We’ve got to get paid somehow from all the hard work put in at home! Treat your body good ladies so that it will treat you good in return now and well into your golden years!


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