Magic Money

Magic Money!

This is something I could use more of, but since there’s no magic money growing in these pockets presently, here’s a little project for the kids to experiment with!

All You need: Two coins such as quarters or pennies


Hold the coins in a stack between your thumb and index finger. Slide the coins back and forth as fast as you can between those two fingers without letting them drop.

Results: An optical illusion appears and you should see a third coin! I’m not sure if it’s that kids love money tricks or they just love money, but they will be easily delighted by this simple experiment.  You can even have them record the results on paper or on a little note pad. Then, afterwards follow the activity up with some good old fashion coin spinning, and we can never forget having some heads or tails fun!  After all of that, good luck getting your money back!


2 thoughts on “Magic Money

  1. When I was a student I had a fantasy about a magic one pound coin that would replace itself as soon as it was removed from my purse. I would have been perfectly happy holding up a line paying one pound at a time, probably because most of my needs came to about one pound back then 🙂 this sounds fun will try it on Jake later 🙂

    1. Great story! Yes, prices have gone way up since we were kids. How did Jake respond? My kids couldn’t believe that there were only 2 coins and not 3. It’s kind of like a magic trick which is also a big hit for youngsters!

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