Sour Apples

Words I was forced to devour
Living my days filled with distress
Along with sour apples on my plate
For me there was no way to protest.

If their hearts only knew
even though I come from a place
made up of few who ever go far
my spirit feels the sufferings of my ancestors
clothed by the bright Morning Star.

And my determination though
trampled, misused, and broken
has still remained unfaded
from all your sour apples.

Your life was made so easy
You haven’t a clue about struggle
You think you’re made of something better
and my virtues are only few.

Then, someone told me
like an answer to a prayer
Don’t settle for their sour apples.
You are much better than that my dear!

As I heard these words,
the scars began to clear
I unraveled myself
and stretched farther
than I had in years!

As the last apple hit the floor,
I was no longer there to retrieve it.
Finally, my rescuer had come!
Along with the return of my dreams,
a new song to be sung.

He gently placed them
within my hands.
And, as I went to take in the view
the bitterness was gone.

And….to my surprise,
as I peered into your eyes……
the bitterness could not pass through!


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