Find A Way to Give

Each Tuesday this summer my son and I pack up a box filled with writing journals, crafts, books and games to take to a day camp for inner city youth.  As the weeks go on and relationships begin to develop, I am reminded again and again that giving is always a two-way street!

Sharing your time
Share Your Passion.

Volunteering your time and resources to help another is a benefit to you. We as the volunteer are receiving a gift. The volunteer’s gift is witnessing first hand the growth and empowerment of another individual simply because he shared something with another.  Rather than storing it away for himself so that no one reaps the benefits, he takes his plentiful harvest and turns what he may have thought was little into more than anyone could have imagined.

Another thing that I’ve observed is that the happiest, most pleasant people who I meet are also the most giving people you’ll meet! I believe it’s because they are not bogged down by storing up their “plenty”.  Instead, almost immediately, as they acquire something of value and match it with another’s need, their response is to funnel it down stream where opportunity and need meet to make prosperity grow! I should know and so should you. Just think back to a time when someone lent you a hand and how it changed the outcome of your situation.

I, to say the least, am not a giving person by nature. It says a lot just to admit that I grew up an only child, and it took many life experiences to learn that if I or anyone else can’t be a cheerful giver; then, there is no point to giving at all. And, since we all would rather have a positive influence on our children and guide them to conquering life’s challenges rather than becoming enslaved by them, not one of us is exempt from finding a way to give. Whether it’s listening to our children, by stopping to give them our undivided attention even when we’re busy, or giving up an afternoon to take an elderly neighbor shopping, giving of ourselves is always time well spent. My challenge to you and your familymill is to find ways to make giving second nature each day, not because it’s nice to give, but because of the heart returns that will be given to you.


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