Moms Need Playtime Too!

Moms’ Night Out!

It’s amazing all the time we as parents spend trying to make our children happy. We sign them up for everything under the sun, we buy them everything but the sun, and then, we invite our friends’ children over for play dates out in the sun; yet, we completely overlook the cream of the crop, yes us the parent! We’re lucky to get past our driveway without a toddler hanging on our heels. Yes, this I know. However, having “me time” is an essential part of being a good parent!

We constantly talk about it and complain that it isn’t happening, but until we make that simple conscious effort, the opportunities will continue to be missed as our children and families suffer needlessly because we deny ourselves of such healing treasures as spending quality adult time with our friends. Though, I must say, men, in my opinion, seem to do a better job of getting out to “hang with the guys” than we do with female bonding. There has to be some trustworthy sitter, friend or family member that you can leave the kids with for a few hours if Dad happens to not be around. So, think long and hard, or call a friend who may be able to refer someone.

When we simply won’t break away from our mundane routine no matter how much we yearn for that taste of freedom, we often pay the price in loneliness, burnout, and not enjoying life nor friendships to the fullest! To have that desire to get away doesn’t make us bad parents.  The children may actually look forward to a change too by having someone else in charge. It drives me crazy to hear friends complain about how overwhelmed they are; yet, when they are invited to  getaway, they refuse the invitation! And, why, so they can go another day sulking in a sea of dirty laundry and smelly diapers galore?

Well, here’s the story of how this post transpired. My dear friend Beth had been up to her normal boohooing about her hard life with her boys, and I had been long overdue for an outting of my own. So, I set up a day and time, and told her to meet me at my house in 1800 hours, and I was going to take her to paint the town and not return until the kids were safely nestled in their beds, and we had at least a million laughs! And, guess what? This strange thing happened, the plan actually worked!

It turns out that the Regatta was the perfect place to freshen up our perspectives on life, and since it was 4th of July Eve and there were lots of festivities going on, we decided to make a night of it. First, we ate dinner at a charming little Thai Restaurant (since I am now eating gluten-free, this was a great choice). Then, we took in the culture as we strolled down the buzzing city streets passing street vendors, broadway plays, and amazing art displays on the way down to the Three Rivers and the home of the 35th Annual Pittsburgh Regatta. These are sights that homebound moms don’t get to enjoy very often. Furthermore, we were amazed at the ‘Founding Fatherssand sculpture that was on display! Watch the amazing video footage below! There was also a great band putting on an outdoor concert. So, we spread out a blanket and enjoyed the music along side a mellow audience of both young and old alike. The evening was topped by sharing a funnel cake along with our millionth laugh of the night!


Four sculptors worked on this two-week project to create a sculpture out of 160 tons of sand depicting the Founding Fathers gathered in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Sandsational Sand Sculpting is out of Melbourne, Florida.

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  1. I actually remember the thought process. that gave me a bit of a wake up call, It went something like this. oh great a play park! how exciting, yeah! No hang on a min, I actually hate play parks its Amy that likes them. omg I am no longer a human being..

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