Exiting to New Adventure!

I must say there’s nothing like ending one chapter of your life and beginning another! Often times, it’s better than a best-selling novel. The seasons don’t just change on the calendar. They also change in our lives. So, for your family to get the most out of this present season, it’s best if everyone gets a say in how your plan is executed. Of course, you as the parent have the final word: however, it will actually help in the execution process if everyone has a voice and feels that they are being heard!

For example now that school is out we are transitioning into the season of summer, which includes team sports, summer camp, recreation time, and planning family excursions. I can easily dictate who’s going where and tell them what is expected, but I surely won’t get the same degree of excitement or cooperation. Let’s face it, kids need to be heard, and well, so do husbands. Sometimes, it’s best to just let supermom recharge her batteries and have everyone join in on the decision-making whether your children are old or young.

When you’re exiting from one season into another it’s often a sad time because you’re saying goodbye to something that you have grown accustomed to. But, saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a sad thing. It can actually be looked at as a time of celebration, kind of like a rite of passage. Like, for example, when your son makes that leap from T-ball to the big leagues, don’t be sad. Or, when your youngest has her first sleepover at her friend’s and instead of wanting to come home asks if she can sleep over another night. Don’t be offended. It means that they are growing and gaining confidence. It is, after all, for this purpose that we give them these wonderful opportunities, to show them what the world has to offer and what they have to offer the world. And, in the process as they grow, we grow right along side them.


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