Father’s Day Gifts that Really Do Say, “We Love You Dad!”

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, right? So while you still have time, give the sweet, treasured kids that have given dear old dad, and granddad their honorable titles, the opportunity to create something that is not only personal, priceless and from the heart, but it’s also easier on your pocket book, and it will be appreciated more in the long run! In fact, dad and granddad will probably love these gifts to pieces, literally, and you’ll find that you can’t keep up with the demand once you begin putting your creative talents to work in honor of these dynamite dads!

Here are 4 favorites of mine:

  1. We all know the way to dad’s heart is through his belly, so why not treat him to some of his favorite dishes, only this time, put a little spin on it by having the kids create a personalized menu as an extra special touch! Card stock paper would work best. Outline it with title and menu items, and have each child add their own personal touches. An example would be: Daddy’s All You Can Eat Diner. On today’s menu we have the Built with Love Burger that’s especially for you with a side of Thank You Fries seasoned with hugs for all that you do! And, the list and titles can go on and on. Complete the menu with a picture or 2 of dad with the kids, and then laminate it for him.
  1. Make him a card or a home made gift card holder! Nothing new under the sun with this one! Why pay several dollars per card when you can grab paper, crayons and markers, even rubber stamps and let your kids go wild making special father’s day cards that come straight from the heart. You can even find already designed cards on-line for kids at places like: http://familyfun.go.com/fathers-day/fathers-day-printables/. Just print them out and have the kids color and autograph their works of art.
  1. Personalized gifts with favorite family photos are always a grand slam gift. You can go to places like Costco.com or Vistaprint.com, or even your local grocery store or Walgreen’s and view a full assortment of gifts like coffee mugs, clothing, and calendars that you can add photos to. However, if you need it in a hurry, you can do it yourself by purchasing iron on sheets in the craft section of most stores that sell office supplies and craft products.
  2. Last, but in no way least is making your own audio CD with a special message from the kids and even yourself too. All you need is a recordable CD, and a microphone that plugs into your computer. In advance, simply jot down some questions to ask the kids like: What’s your favorite thing to do with dad? Why is daddy the best daddy in the world? What’s one thing you haven’t done yet, and would like to do with daddy! I suggest recording each child’s responses both as a group and separately if they are 6 and younger, and together if they are older. It’s up to you. Spontaneous comments and laughter make it even more fun! The potential here to warm dad’s heart is endless. After recordings are complete you just make a playlist by placing the tracks in whatever order you choose, then burn them onto a blank CD. This is also a great idea if dad is in the military or away for an extended time. He can play it as often as he likes, and no one has to know! 🙂

These gift ideas are a great and inexpensive way to customize your message to dad and say, “We love you!” over and over again!

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