The Old Made New: Helpful Tips for Kids and YOU!

Okay, the first week of summer break is already kicked! It’s time to swing into action, but where do you begin? With four highly energetic kids ranging from 8, 6, 4, and 2 years of age this can be a challenge of momentous proportion!!! There are activities and toys scattered shamelessly throughout the house. Why is it that they can’t just pick a toy and keep themselves content for the day while I clean and update my blog? I’ll tell you why, because they are just as overwhelmed with choices and decisions as the adult counterparts in charge of these factories and toy warehouses. With all the devices, games and gadgets in front of them, how’s a kid to make the right choice in entertaining himself?

Sometimes, it’s as easy as picking up that toy soldier that you have stepped on ten times throughout the week and beginning the game of imaginative play for them. Suddenly, pure chaos turns into, well, more organized chaos if you will. Now you’re probably saying, one dilemma solved and another begins. Playing superhero theater is not going to get my work accomplished for the day that’s for sure. This is when you break away from the fun, and allow, the true experts at play, your children, take over!

Yes, a well-planned exit is key to moving on productively with your day. But, don’t be so quick to jump back into your office or onto your awaiting computer screen just yet. Chances are that this little merry brew of happy, contented campers is not going to last for long! Therefore, while the going is good, it’s time to quickly move onto formulating a plan B, C, D and maybe even E by setting up more activities ahead of time before the last one dies out! Start digging through that “old toy graveyard”, and devising some fun activities. Learn to recognize a treasure when you spot one I always say! Make use of them; don’t merely wait for your child to discover them. Reintroduce a new way of playing with that same old toy! Trust me you’ll be glad you did when that 10 minute reprieve turns into an hour or 2. Then, before you know it you’re getting more work done faster than you could have imagined. You can even move the fun to the backyard to help keep the house from becoming a wreck and for a change of scenery!

It’s worth a shot anyway, and don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed because we all know that even the best of intentions doesn’t work out as planned. That’s okay, just try again, and once you accomplish a few of your own tasks, celebrate by going back and joining in the fun you helped to create! You’ll be making memories that your kids will cherish, and that, after all, is always a reason to celebrate!

2 thoughts on “The Old Made New: Helpful Tips for Kids and YOU!

  1. Hi Dawne,

    So glad you liked the post. I’ve really been trying to cut down on clutter, and reinventing new ways to play with old toys was a way to keep from buying new ones! That and it helps the kids stretch their imagination muscles!

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